5 Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Should Be on Facebook

Medical practices just like your own, are utilising Facebook to build trust, and promote their services with existing and potential patients and you can too! Facebook is the top social media platform amongst physicians who engage on social media. Why concentrate on Facebook when various other social media networks, like Twitter and LinkedIn, are equally as reliable? While we aren’t stating that the other social media networks are ineffective, there are a few reasons why we advise beginning with Facebook.

1. Facebook Is The Number One Social Media Platform.

It makes the most sense to choose the network with the most people on it, where there is more of a chance to connect to your target market. Facebook has over 1.3 billion active month-to-month customers worldwide, more than 4 times the quantity of monthly active customers on Twitter. Even though those are worldwide stats, there is a great chance that individuals in your area will certainly be on Facebook.

2. Facebook Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Website.

Facebook is much more reliable compared to other social platforms at increasing web traffic to websites. If your practice is like many healthcare practices, your website is the centre of your marketing activity. The more website traffic you obtain, the far better chance you have to attract brand-new patients. Facebook can routinely help route, 20 times more web traffic to web sites compared to Twitter. Be sure to link to your web site on your Facebook page, and also connect to any blog messages or appropriate content on your site to increase your chances of driving traffic to your site.

3. Facebook Is Where Your Target Market Is.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, the age groups: 18-34 as well as 35-54. Unless you are specialising in pediatrics, a great section of your patients are possibly in the 35-54 age groups. This is specifically true if you are in the orthopedics field. We have the tendency to have even more health and joint problems as we age, so this age group might be more likely to require your services sooner. They may even have  parent’s that require your services. Pew Research reports that half of all online health inquiries are on behalf of another person. If you become a trusted and handy source of information on Facebook, you could have the ability to capture this group’s interest. Depending upon the kind of procedures and solutions your practice offers, the 18-34 age group may not be the group you are aiming to attract to your practice. Nevertheless, that does not suggest you need to count them out. They might additionally be looking for a medical professional for a parent who isn’t really internet-savvy, and your Facebook posts could assist to strengthen that you are knowledgeable in their area of investigation.

4. Health Issues Are Already Being Discussed On Facebook.

One-third of patients utilise a social media platform to talk about health-related issues, research their symptoms, as well as share opinions regarding medical care. In addition, over 40% of patients stated that social media affects just how they manage their health care, and 41% stated that social media affects their selection of medical professionals. Since patients say that they are most likely to trust social media articles by doctors over any other group, you can take advantage of this with well-written information. This doesn’t imply that you ought to use every health-related conversation to “sell” people on your practice; simply supplying excellent information can go a long way and will certainly show your expertise.

5. Facebook Creates Discussion Opportunities.

Facebook provides you an opportunity to get in touch with both existing as well as potential people outside of the clinic setting. While you might get in touch with individuals on any type of social media network, Facebook’s configuration truly urges discussion. You could definitely position an inquiry to your Twitter followers as well as promote an ongoing discussion, but just how much of a significant discussion can you actually have when messages are restricted to 140 characters? Facebook’s user interface makes it very easy for your advocates to directly comment on a post as well as see what others are saying. Some social media savvy health care professionals sometimes position a health-related question to their Facebook followers. In short, if your practice has time to dedicate to one social media network, Facebook might be the very best solution. If you’re looking to dedicate time in your already hectic day to social media, why not make use of the network that provides the best opportunity of reaching the people your practice would like to target – Facebook.

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