Outsourcing Social Media Marketing.

Outsourcing social media marketing doesn’t have to be time-consuming, frustrating, or expensive. In fact, it can be a very pleasant experience when mapped out and implemented properly, delivering higher patient numbers and better-educated patients to your clinic.

Issues That Arise From In-House Social Media Marketing.

Listed below are just some of the common problems encountered by medical practices when undertaking social media marketing in-house.

  • Time formulating a social media posting plan.
  • Finding information to post
  • Creating information to post.
  • Not using licensed images.
  • Posting the information at incorrect times.
  • Lack of consistently.
  • Not responding to comments.
  • Duplicating the same post consecutively.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Posting non-compliant material.

… it all takes up time and energy and it can distract staff from their other roles within a clinic.

There is a better way – MEDIsocial online marketing.

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