Google Rankings And Ways To Improve It

Your clinic has had a site for some time, however when you execute a search for your practice on Google, your internet site does not appear. Why is this happening? You may have a good looking website, however, it isn’t performing how you anticipated it to.

There are a number of reasons your website might not be turning up in search engine result. Below are some of the reasons this may be happening.

  1. You Have Low Quality Or Insufficient Website Content.

Google’s algorithm is intelligent enough to recognise the material on your website, as well as rate your website upon the quality and also relevancy of it’s content. If your competitors’ websites have better content, they are most likely to outrank you. The trick is not to just create material for online search engine purposes, but to develop material that is actually useful to your customers. In this manner, it’s a win-win situation, your patients benefit because they get the information they require, and search engines will likely give you much better ranking.

  1. You Have Copied Or Duplicated Content On Your Website.

Does your website have content that can be discovered on various other sites, or do you have the exact same content on several pages on your website? If so, that might be the reason why you typically aren’t ranking. Although the web content could be interesting for clients, it isn’t new content and doesn’t describe what makes your clinic one-of-a-kind. Online search engine can acknowledge when material turns up on numerous websites, and also these sites could get bumped down in positions in support of websites with new and original content.

  1. You’re Trying To Be Tricky With SEO Methods.

Some SEO proprietors try to cheat their path to better ranking making use of shortcut methods like keyword stuffing, concealed links, as well as comment spam. Nonetheless, updates to Google’s algorithm have allowed it to identify these methods, and websites that utilise them are being penalised on search rankings. If you are utilising any of these tactics, you will need to take care of this immediately if you intend to improve your position.

  1. You Haven’t Addressed Regional SEO.

If you’re not doing any kind of local search engine optimisation, you could be losing out in ranking for geographically appropriate search terms. To improve your position for regional searches, you first should produce content that represents your geographical area. Next, you should ensure your online listings are consistent in as many locations as feasible. Doing this helps to ensure that patients will certainly be able to locate you, it also aids search engines to understand your area much better.

  1. Your Website Navigation Is Confusing.

If your site is old, out-dated, tough to read, or difficult to navigate, you might lose in rankings. Your clients expect to be able to locate and check out the information they require, and they should not have to search several pages before they locate just what they were looking for. Aim to integrate smaller pages whenever feasible this will help your website be extra user-friendly. If your current website is truly out-dated, you might also a redesign may be needed.

  1. Your Website Isn’t Responsive Mobile Devices or Smartphones.

Your site has to be user-friendly on a traditional desktop computer, however, it is now more important that your website be responsive and navigable on smart phones. Google has placed more importance on mobile-friendly sites as a growing number of people view websites on their smart phones. If your website site isn’t simple to navigate on a mobile phone, you might lose ranking position. The very best solution for this is to get a new site with a responsive design. Responsive-designed websites adapt to fit any type of screen dimension, from a large desktop monitor to your smart phone.

We have had clients whose mobile traffic increased significantly after they changed to a mobile responsive site.

User experience should be the number one concern when considering a website. Does your site have the details clients want to know? Can they conveniently locate this information, regardless of what sort of device they are using?

If you can address these 6 previous points, you are well on the way to improving your Google rankings as well as your patient’s online experience.

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