How Does Healthcare Reputation Marketing Work?

If you personally, or your clinic has ever received adverse press or negative reviews on individual rating sites, you may have heard about reputation monitoring. If your practice hasn’t needed to be concerned about reputation monitoring, you’re probably at least knowledgeable about the process.

Reputation monitoring focuses on assisting in maintaining a favourable reputation for your practice many times after you’ve long forgotten about negative testimonials or press. It’s absolutely a position no clinic desires to be in. Nevertheless, with the growing popularity of review websites, it can also be a chance to show off the positives concerning your clinic.

If your patients are happy, they are most likely to tell their friends and family about you. There are real opportunities to take those positive comments online as another way to market your clinic and overwhelm any negative online comments.

That’s where reputation marketing excels. The idea is akin to reputation management, but you’re specifically concentrating on taking control of your reputation to much better showcase the benefits of being a patient of yours.

Promoting Your Medical Practice through Reputation Marketing.

Take a moment to Google your clinics name, and all of the physicians in your practice. You’ll possibly see a Google listing in the search results, along with listings from reviews sites like Google, Yelp, WebMD and also Yahoo. These websites will show specific reviews, along with an average of all the rating submissions. Unless your clinic is already dealing with obtaining testimonials from people, or you are positioned in an active market, it’s not unusual to see less than 15 testimonials on each testimonial website.

The trouble is, many healthcare professionals do not think of posting positive testimonials until negative ones overwhelm them. For example, if there are only 5 reviews on a reputation site for your clinic, and 4 of them are negative, the averages will be significantly skewed.

With reputation marketing, you could work towards accumulating a stronger online reputation to ensure clients in your area always see an accurate representation of your clinic when they browse online. The idea is, in a reputable methodical manner, gather as many positive testimonials as feasible from your satisfied patients to ensure these favourable comments outweigh negative patient comments. If your practice has never had a patient make a negative online comment, you could still benefit from reputation marketing. The earlier you start the better.

How Does Healthcare Reputation Marketing Work?

Reputation marketing is all regarding ensuring the continual online posting of favourable comments about your practice. This will increase your clinic’s position in search results page as well as catch the attention of clients searching for a doctor.

It is about receiving genuine remarks from actual patients. Never post false or misleading reviews. Trying to cheat the system is not only wrong, it will damage your reputation when and if it’s discovered. Ask genuine patients to make honest reviews.   Potential patients will certainly see these testimonials when looking for your practice online, as well as they’ll have a great idea of exactly what to anticipate if they choose your clinic.

There are a few ways you can commence the reputation marketing process. One option is to claim your accounts on testimonial sites, then ask patients to go there to leave a review. You can give out a card with the review website at the end of the appointment, or send out an email that connects to your profile on these sites. However, the problem with this approach is that your patients will invariably forget or not bother to do this.

The solution? Accumulate testimonials from patients at the end of their appointments, while they are still in your clinic. They should only have to complete one survey. We have recently partnered with an online company to supply this kind of service to our customers.

With our Reputation Marketing solution, all you have to do is hand your patient an iPad at the end of their appointments and ask them to fill in a survey. It’s a very simple method to swiftly accumulate reviews online.

Beyond giving a favourable depiction of your clinic online, reputation marketing can offer an additional advantage. As they begin to accumulate favourable online evaluations, a lot of clinics find that their position in regional search engine result rises, as well as they begin to dominate search results page over time.

Google seeks out these review sites when determining how it will rank internet sites in search engine result. The more favourable and current reviews you have, the more likely you are to have a beneficial presence in relevant regional searches.

Unlike the reactive nature of medical reputation management, reputation marketing is concerned with being proactive regarding your practice’s reputation. With medical reputation marketing, you’re displaying positives results online, instead of continually aiming to hide less than favourable results.

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